Winning KDP Journal Niche Case Study Video

Winning KDP Journal Niche Case Study Video

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Wanna Know What an Actual WINNING Journal Niche Looks Like on KDP Print?

I remember how frustrating it was when I first started print on demand and got into the world of no-content and low-content publishing. I had no idea what worked!

I was slapping up designs, didn't have a clue about what to research, and definitely did not know what a WINNING journal or notebook was!

How I wish someone would have shown me some of their winning journals that made a bunch of cash AND explained why it was a winner. I believe it would have saved me a LOT of hours wasted throwing up crap cover designs that no one cared about.

But that doesn't have to be YOU!

In this short video, I peel back the curtain...and show you one of my very own journal niches (and even the cover of one!) that helped me generate over $250 in royalties!

- Get the details on WHY it was a winner

- How to apply the same strategy to YOUR KDP Print catalog 

- How to Duplicate the Results!

also included: - How to prevent the mistakes I made with this niche that probably lost me a couple hundred dollars more in profit.  

For the cost of a lunch out, you could hear ONE Single Tip that could change the direction of your KDP Print business practically overnight.

Who am I?

My name is Amy Nicholas, I do print on demand tip Facebook and Youtube Live videos. I've been making a full-time income on KDP for several years with over 15,000 journals published! and I'm here to help you with publishing low-content journals and notebooks. The struggle is real!

If you are new to publishing on KDP Print this video will be eye-opening for you.

If you're a seasoned vet on still might learn somethig new that can help you SCALE  your business even more!

Imagine hearing just one tip, one idea that can skyrocket your publishing business upwards. And just for 10 measly bucks!


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KDP Monster Niche Guide with 100 Trending KDP Journal Niches!

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