Train Your Virtual Assistant Fast Bundle

Train Your Virtual Assistant Fast Bundle

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How to Train Your POD Virtual Assistant FAST, Have a Killer Q4, and Get More Sales!

Have you been wanting to hire a VA for forever but held back because you didn't want to go through the costly expense and time it takes to train one?

If you're ready to hire a VA to help you with Merch by Amazon or KDP Print, keep reading.

So once upon a time...I was ready to slap someone.

That was the frustration I felt by having to upload everything myself to all these various POD platforms.

I felt like I worked hard all day but really didn't accomplish much.

Does this sound like you?

I decided to take the strategies I had used from another online business and train VAs to help me with my workload.

Creating actual training videos for my own virtual assistants to complete assignments related to Merch, KDP Print, Etsy, and some smaller platforms. 

And guess what?

I finally had some free time for myself and my sanity. AND having a VA doing the "heavy lifting" meant I could focus more time on research and marketing.

So naturally, my sales went up.

Look, you could do this all by yourself.

You could design everything, upload everything, edit everything, market everything, and then die a nice ripe old age of 50 from a heart attack.


You can grab Train Your Virtual Assistant Fast now and save yourself the headache.

After literally being begged for this, I'm finally opening the doors to my own personal private training video modules.

What Training Videos for my VA Are INCLUDED?

✅ How To CRUSH Keyword Research:  Merch by Amazon 

✅ How To Create KILLER Listings Step by Step using a Google sheet: Merch by Amazon

✅How To Create Popsocket Listings & Keyword Research 

✅ A to Z Easy Breezy Walkthrough of Uploading a Journal:  KDP Print 

✅ Hot Keyword Research:  KDP Print 


✅ Easy Etsy upload training 

✅ Pinterest Research training

✅ Train your Designer on a Good Design vs. Bad Design 

✅ Next Level POD Amazon + Shopify upload training 

Killer Bonus!

Get a free copy of my $149 VAs & Outsourcing Workshop Replay.

In this bonus workshop you'll get: 

👉 1 hr+ replay video
👉 walk- through how to use Upwork 

👉tips on creating an INSANELY attractive job offer

👉 how to look through qualified candidates and view their portfolios
👉 how to hire and test people to see if they really are a good fit
👉 ninja tricks to hiring the right people
👉 overview of what to use a VA for (specific tasks to outsource in your biz)

Valued at $499 the price makes this program a steal.

I have personally charged coaching clients $500 to teach them how to train their virtual assistants.

You don't have to pay that much.

This is a HUGE value when you consider the incredible  amounts of time, effort, and frustration involved with hiring, training, and perfecting your VA process.

If you don't start building a Team now, before Q4, then you'll be scrambling around to try to get your uploads up in time.

You'll have very little time to focus on ads and marketing.

Don't wait. I don't know how much longer I will keep this incredible training program up for sale. 

Grab your Train Your Virtual Assistant Fast copy now.