ULTIMATE 🛍️ Research Yearly Goodie Bag

ULTIMATE 🛍️ Research Yearly Goodie Bag

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Your Ultimate Resource For Trending Research For KDP Print & Merch By Amazon. 

7,800 Examples Right at Your Fingertips!

Save Time. Make More Sales.

Cost per research example? Just a mere $.009 each !

💥 This enormous Ultimate Research Yearly Goodie Bag contains 52 Weeks worth of research of KDP Print and Merch by Amazon! 

If you had purchased these 52 individual research bundles from us at $37 each you would have spent $1,924!

Get this bundle for a STEAL at just $67!

Thats right. My Team and I are compiling the research we have done for the last year (150 examples per week) into one giant handy research file for your convenience!

Want to Learn How to Do Research But Just Don't Have the Time?

💥 The Ultimate Research Yearly Goodie Bag will make it simple.

💥 Take the research ideas quickly into the design process. Upload. Make more sales.

💥 Save wasted time and money researching and designing for the WRONG stuff.

💥 Grab this MASSIVE bundle to reference again and again. 

💥  Sort by the exact month you need. See what was trending over the last year based on the week or month! What worked in the past typically works again at the same time EVERY YEAR!

Where Did All This Research Come From??

My Team and I have been doing weekly research for KDP Print and Merch by Amazon for several years. 

We put together bundles for clients such as yourself who want easy access to trending and hot-selling research they don't have to spend hours and hours doing themselves.

Get an entire year's worth of research we have compiled to make it super simple for you to reference any month of the year and see what was trending at that time!


Jam Packed With A Gargantuan 7800 Researched Examples!!

- Unique 🔥 HOT Niches From KDP Print

- Unique 🔥 HOT Niches From Merch by Amazon

- Examples Are Divided Up Into Monthly Sections. 

- Easily plan your print on demand niches and designs well in advance!

TOTAL: 1 Entire Year's Worth of Research! A Blueprint for your Print on Demand Success

👉 Individually purchased bundles would cost $1924! Save big on this Ultimate Yearly Research. 

👉  Includes suggested keywords to use, trademark check (on text of design only), and price range in the market sent in an Excel file. You can open in MS Excel or Google Sheets

👉 Feel free to message me on Facebook with any questions or email me @ merchmoneymaster@gmail.com

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Doris Nawratil "I'm really happy with the research you did for me. One shirt I made sold within 20 hours! Thanks Amy!