KDP Q4 Prep Kit

KDP Q4 Prep Kit

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How to Get Your Low Content Book Sales Skyrocketing In As Little As 90 Days…Even If You Have Tried Everything Else and Failed!

Introducing the KDP Q4 Prep Kit With a Whopping 250 or 500 Low Content Books to Get You Prepped and Ready to Cash in for Q4 2021...

My first couple of fourth quarters doing KDP Print went by in a blur.

I always seemed to be running behind, running around, having no clear plan of action.

There was a million things to get done and too many print on demand sites begging for my attention.

When I got my Team together I started to implement actual systems in my business. Making it a heckuva lot easier to plan ahead for Q4. 

In the last 2 years we have been able to scale effectively enough to have plenty of books selling already before Q4  and use the beautiful power of AMS ads!

With the KDP Q4 Prep Kit, my Team and I can take care of the scaling for you!

What's Included?

250 books option:

✅ includes 250 eye-popping 6x9 journal covers across 10 winning niches (Value $2000)

 ✅ 20 custom low-content journal interiors that will not be sold to anyone else. 2 interiors for every 25 books.  (Value $500)

 ✅ 250 listings written for you (subtitles,  7 keywords, descriptions) (Value $400)

TOTAL VALUE $2900  Your price only $1697

Pay Only $6.79 per book.

Or if you really want to scale fast grab our 

500 books option:

 ✅ includes 500 eye-popping 6x9 journal covers across 20 winning niches (or 250 covers across 10 winning niches) (Value $4000)

 ✅ 40 custom low-content journal interiors that will not be sold to anyone else. 2 interiors for every 25 books.  (or 20 custom low content interiors with the 250 books option) (Value $1000)

 ✅ 500 listings written for you (subtitles,  7 keywords, descriptions) (Value $800)

TOTAL VALUE $5800  Your price only $2997

Pay Only $5.99 per book.

Get the most bang for your buck with this bulk size kit.

Where else can you pay just $5.99 or $6.79 per book?

Maybe Fiverr. But, do they do the research for you? Do they write your listing?

Do you have an accompanying interior you can use with the cover?


How Does This Work Exactly?

  • 15-20 Books will be delivered weekly to you over the course of 90 days for a total of 250 books.
  • My Team and I provide you with EVERYTHING you need to upload your KDP Q4 Prep Kit
  • Your files will be emailed to your inbox
  • Simple and easy to download.
  • From there you just copy and paste when you upload into KDP Print; that's it!


Kits are created on demand from scratch for each order.

Nothing in your Kit will be re-sold to anyone else. EVER.

All keywords and titles are trademark checked.

Say goodbye to the headaches of low-content book publishing and hello to your super simple way to handle KDP Print low content publishing!

Why Buy Now?

If you're like most publishers you're probably scrambling a bit when it comes to Q4. So many print on demand sites; so little time, right?

Purchasing now will give it time for you to start receiving books quick (first delivery within 5-7 business days)

You can start uploading now and keep uploading until Q4 starts.

Amazon rewards you for 2 things: consistency and fresh new listings!

Also, purchasing a Kit gets rid of the hassle of trying to find your own designers or virtual assistants.

Can't Pay All At Once?

No problem. 

With our payment plan you can pay half now and half in 30 days.

NO interest charged. Email merchmoneymaster@gmail.com for details.


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Orders are limited due to the fact each one is created from scratch and made to order.


 ❗️KDP Kit Success Guarantee! 

If you don't make at least 50 sales from your KDP Ready2Rock Kit within 90 days of uploading your entire Kit - my Team and I will redo 50 book covers for you free of charge!  (or 100 sales within 90 days and redo 100 book covers if you select 500 covers option)

That's right - we will find you a new niche, design new covers and interiors as well as write new listings for your Kit.


Scroll up and click “I Want This” to get your all-in-1, stress- free, Q4 ready KDP kit.

NOTE: Books will come in 6x9 but if you prefer 8.5x11 just email us at merchmoneymaster@gmail.com

A payment plan is available for this kit. For more info or to see samples of our books please email merchmoneymaster@gmail.com