POD Prosperity Kit

POD Prosperity Kit

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It’s Time to Thrive In Your POD Business!

Introducing the POD Prosperity Kit designed to prosper you... not just to get by!

Trending research examples, niche leads, and a special limited edition Money Mindset Message audio is included.

  • 40 Merch niche leads... grab the fastest selling niches that are working now!
  • 40 KDP journal niche leads...don't waste precious time on old niches that aren't selling this moment!
  • 150 tshirt researched examples to give you loads of ideas and visual images to spark your own creativity!
  • 100 journal researched examples...giving you the exact journals that are making $!
  • 50 Popsocket researched examples...find untapped niches in these popular Popsockets!

TOTAL of 300 researched examples and 80 niche leads!

Normally 150 research examples are sold for $37. Niche leads are sold 20 for $10.

Normally pay $114...but not today!

Get your Kit plus bonus Money Mindset Audio [value $20] to keep your mindset on track through these trying times for just $37!

Important note: This Kit will be removed from sale Tues April 7th.

Action takers will continue to work, thrive and prosper! This Kit will keep you set on track and focus your mindset during these challenging and crazy times.

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