MINI KDP Ready2Rock Coloring Books Kit

MINI KDP Ready2Rock Coloring Books Kit

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How Coloring Books Outsell My Other Low Content Books...

I'll explain how in just a moment...but first, let me go back in time. Over a year and a half ago...

I kept hearing about people publishing coloring books on KDP Print instead of the usual journals, notebooks, planners and whatnot.

I thought to myself "Nah, that's too much work. Gotta find a special designer to do interiors, costs too much blah blah blah..."

I waited a looong time.

I missed 2019 Q4 and the chance to bring in a killing of profits from coloring books like so many other publishers did.

I'm still kicking myself. I probably lost about $10k in royalties in December.


From this painful learning experience - I did make it my New Year resolution for 2020 that my Team and I start publishing coloring books.

I was ecstatic to see them start selling almost immediately!

Plus I was able to charge higher prices because the product was seen as more valuable than a plain ol' lined notebook. 

Meaning more profit per sale! Which meant that my overall royalties from KDP Print was going up daily and then monthly!

This is Rather Unusual...

Available for purchase Labor Day Weekend ONLY! Doors will close to this Kit Monday Sept 7th at 9pm EDT or until kits are sold out. 

I saw that these coloring books were not only outselling my other low content books...BUT they held their BSR (best seller rank) longer! 

I tell you this so you can start making more profit per book too.

Don't wait forever and a day to earn more royalties like dummy me did!

Introducing the MINI KDP Ready2Rock Coloring Book Kit!

 Coloring, activity, and puzzle books are HOT sellers right now.

Not only can you command a higher price for them but you can expect more consistent sales for a market that is absolutely HUNGRY for coloring books!

It's time to take advantage of that and grab some of the KDP sales pie for yourself!

My Team and I will locate you a WINNING niche for coloring, activity, or puzzle books.

We will create your cover designs, provide you with 1 coloring book interior and write your listings!

Plus you can sleep like a baby at night knowing we do a 3 step trademark check on all low content books!

No more scratching your head wondering why your low-content books aren't selling! We handle everything. All you have to do is upload your order items.

  • Mini Kit includes five 8.5 x 11 journal covers in one winning coloring book niche 

  • 5 custom coloring book interiors that will not be sold to anyone else! 

  • 5 listings written for you (subtitles,  7 keywords, descriptions) 

With this Kit you won’t have to do anything but upload!

Want to see samples of our Kits? Email me at


More Samples from our Coloring Book Kits..

Scroll up and click 'I want this' to grab your KDP Ready2Rock Coloring Book Kit: your "hassle-free" pass to low-content publishing!

We will take the headache of publishing on KDP Print and give you a painless way to handle your KDP Print publishing business!

Kits are limited due to the fact each one is created from scratch and made to order. Please allow 12-14 business days for your Kit to be emailed to you.


Available for purchase Limited Time Only

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