KDP or Merch Listings Data

KDP or Merch Listings Data

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Your subtitle, keywords, and description written for your KDP listings!


Your title and 2 bullets written for your Merch listings! (can provide us with a google sheet of your live listings or link to your images)

Let my Team and I help you find the best combination of keywords for your journals to be found and sold!

 $1.20 per listing for 50 listings. $1 per listing for 100.

Select your option using the drop down.

IMPORTANT: You can order listings to be created for you EVEN if you have not purchased designs here. Just email merchmoneymaster@gmail.com and send us your links to your designs.

Allow Delivery time of 5-7 days from your order. Note: if you order designs and listings at the same time we will do our best to deliver both together for you.

Note: no description included for Merch listings but is recommended to copy and paste your title and bullets into the description box for SEO searches.

Currently we are only taking orders of 50 listings and up.