Merch Jumpstart Kit 2.0

Merch Jumpstart Kit 2.0

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How To Have A Merch By Amazon Breakthrough  Without Breaking the Bank...

Merch by Amazon can be kind of overwhelming, am I right?
Stressed out about what niches to pick?
What keywords should you use?
How do you make your designs stand out?
How the heck do you break into a niche that's oversaturated??

This Limited Edition 150 Tshirt Designs Kit will get your Merch account up and running fast with VIBRANT, quality and trending designs!

Break through the "saturation" with designs that literally "pop"!


Why Buy Now?

 🔥 Bonus #1 : receive a bonus quality t-shirt mockup for each and every tshirt design!  ($150 value)

 🔥 Bonus #2: my Team and I will write your listings for Merch for you! ($300 value)

🔥 Bonus #3: first 10 purchasers will receive a free copy of my Crush Merch AMS Ads Workshop ($67 value)

Total Bonus Value: $517!

Examples of Our Design Work:

What do I Get?

✔️ 150 eye-popping designs (my Team excels at creating vibrant designs to stand out)

✔️ 150 Merch by Amazon listings done-for-you (just cut and paste to upload, that's it!)

✔️ 150 editing files

✔️ trademark checked, copyright free!

✔️ + your bonus of 150 quality tshirt  mockup designs 

All you have to do is cut and paste when you go to upload on Amazon!

Finding your own designer to charge under $10 per design is tough.

Normally my Team and I charge about $7-$8 per design.

With this bulk rate discount you'll be paying a mere $5.73 per tshirt design!

Plus you're getting your listing written within that price.

Not to mention the editing file and tshirt mockup!

Who is this Kit For?

a. New sellers on Merch by Amazon who want to jumpstart their new account with quality designs up on their account without the usual hassle of spending hours on research, designing everything themselves, and wasting time overanalyzing keywords etc.

b. Experienced sellers who just don't have the time or means to massively scale at this level and who want to jumpstart their slow moving sales. 150 unique designs would give you up to approximately 9600+ products on Merch. 

Now with the change of tiers to # of products you can upload on Merch - you'll have an abundance of opportunity to use these designs. 

Then scale them to the moon by uploading them on Redbubble, Etsy, Teepublic, your own Shopify store!

You'll get plenty of eyeballs from the Amazon market on your shirts as your Kit will be divided into 15 different niches (10 shirts per niche).

Designs will be delivered weekly over the course of 21-30 days (150 TOTAL). 


What about trademark checks?

We do trademark checks at the research level.

The listings and keywords level.

And a final check at the end before

we submit any designs to our clients.


And - if your design is trademark free

when you upload but later a trademark

pops up for it - we will happily replace

you with a different design. For free.

Expect to receive the first 25-50 designs of your Kit within 7-9 business days of ordering.

NOTE: Kits are extremely limited due to the immense work involved (for us not you!)

But Amy, why in the world would I spend this kind of money all at once for my Merch account?

Good question and let me answer it with another question -

Would you rather get rich fast or slow?

All kidding aside if you consider how long and slow the process to build an account is with Merch by Amazon and how much time it takes you each and every week to just knock out a few designs...

you may be realizing it's just like a tiny trickle in the world of Amazon.

How can you possibly compete with people who have millions of products uploaded?

How can you build momentum fast with multiple designs selling when you're just squeezing out a few per week?

The reality is, you can't.

Imagine turning your 150 tshirt designs into something like 9600 products on Merch by Amazon!


Merch Kit Success Guarantee!

Make at least 20 sales from your Jumpstart Kit within 45 days of uploading or we will give you an extra 25 new designs at no extra charge.

Testimonials from our prior Merch design customers.

The Merch Jumpstart Kit is available for a limited time only.

Be sure to grab your Kit today. 



DISCLAIMER: Amy Nicholas, MerchMoneyMaster. Com or the MerchMoneyMaster Team will not be held responsible for Amazon account violations, suspensions, or termination. Do your due diligence and read up on the Merch by Amazon Terms of Service.