KDP Ready2Rock Coloring Books Kit

KDP Ready2Rock Coloring Books Kit

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Want to Make More Sales With Low-Content Publishing on KDP?

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Get a Mega Research Bundle (value $148!)

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Order your Kit by Sunday May 31st 11:59 pm EDT

Coloring, activity, and puzzle books are HOT sellers right now.

Introducing the KDP Ready2Rock Coloring Books Kit: the spinoff to the KDP Ready2Rock Kit!

It's time to take advantage of that and grab some of the KDP sales pie for yourself!

My Team and I will locate you a WINNING niche for coloring, activity, or puzzle books.

We will create your cover designs, provide you with 2 coloring book interiors and write your listings!

No more scratching your head wondering why your low-content books aren't selling! We handle everything. All you have to do is upload your order items.

  • includes 25 6x9 journal covers in one winning coloring book niche (Value $250)
  • 2 custom coloring book interiors that will not be sold to anyone else! (Value $40)
  • 25 listings written for you (subtitles,  7 keywords, descriptions) (Value $45)

With this Kit you won’t have to do anything but upload!

Kits are created on demand from scratch for each order.

Please allow 7-10  business days for email delivery.  (you'll get email updates along the way)

$350 worth of value for just $250! Introductory price will be going up soon so order now.

We will take the headache of publishing on KDP Print and give you a painless way to handle your KDP Print publishing business!

Kits are limited due to the fact each one is created from scratch and made to order.