Killer KDP Research Methods Course

Killer KDP Research Methods Course

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How To Research Journals Like a BOSS, Increase Sluggish Sales, And Get Clear Action Steps Without Spending Years To Learn This!

Note: E-class is concluded. You'll receive all 4 weeks training upon your purchase.

Introducing A New Way to Learn How to Research:

After spending tens of thousands of dollars on online business coaching, courses, and seminars I felt like something was off...

I had all this GREAT information, knowledge, know-how etc. that had been thrown at me like a fire-hose. Buuut...It was impossible to absorb it all.

I felt overwhelmed.

I wasn't even sure where to start!

And therefore didn't really take the proper action like I should have.

Have you been there?

What's Different About Killer KDP Research Methods...

- it's an EMAIL CLASS. aka 'E-class'. Meaning you'll be receiving weekly emails teaching you every week one of my top selling KDP Print niches

- no overwhelming GIANT course to go through

Within the video I'll be giving you a "handheld" guide through each training.

✔️ how to research on sites like Pinterest, Redbubble, 

✔️ how to do keywords for your journals & notebooks

✔️ how to stand out with custom interiors: what to look for when researching

Not only will you get your training video but you'll also get a handy Action Checklist so that you know exactly what to focus on after watching the video.

You'll gain instant access to these awesome Bonuses:

worth over $60!

- Insane Bonus #1: 20 Trending Niche Leads for KDP (value $20)

- Insane Bonus #2 100 KDP Trending Research Examples (value $37)

- Insane Bonus #3 100 Merch Monster Niche Guide with 100 Niche leads (value $25) 

With your purchase of Killer KDP Research Methods e-class you'll get your hands on actual research methods I've used that have helped me make a job-replacing income for the last year and a half!

Regular $299 Only $47!

Reviews from the first E-Class POD Journal Secrets:

Imagine how much more money you'll make in 2020 by investing a couple of bucks into yourself.

Feel how great it is to finally make get those long-awaited journal sales!

Other journal sellers will be asking 'how did you do it??' when they hear your success story.

There are no other programs like this in the market today.

However, the Killer KDP Research Methods e-class is not for everyone.

If you're locked down on niches that work for you and are not looking to learn about my personal top selling niches this isn't for you.

But if you're struggling, challenged, or confused on what it takes to have success on KDP Print then this is for you.

Only for the action takers who buy this e-class will I share winning strategies for journal and notebook research.

Forget struggling anymore on KDP.

Say hello to solid research methods, more sales, and peace of mind knowing how to continue crushing it after this class finishes.

Are you in?

You could spend countless hours and dollars figuring out how to do the research right for journals.

OR you can invest in yourself and your future KDP success with the minimal cost of $1.52/day.

It’s easy to order your copy.

Scroll up and click the blue button 'I WANT THIS' to order your spot in the Killer KDP Research Methods e-class now.


Reviews from the first E-Class POD Journal Secrets:


 Christopher from Pennsylvania