KDP Hardcover Conversion Kit

KDP Hardcover Conversion Kit

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Double Your Chances of A KDP Print Sale By Having Hardcover Books!

For a limited number of customers only I am opening the doors to our newest service:

KDP Hardcover Conversion Kits

My Team will convert your existing paperback files of your low content books into hardcover files so that you can double down on your KDP books!

We will email you your files in 3-5 business days so that you can easily upload your hardcovers to KDP and not have to figure out how to convert them on your own.

Make More $$$ With Hardcovers!

Think of the additional royalties you can make offering both a paperback and a hardcover version.

For Amazon customers who filter their searches with the keyword "hardcover" - this will give you a higher chance of making sales!

Plus, you can charge a higher profit margin for hardcover books given their perceived value in the eyes of the customer.

What does that mean for Q4?

The ability to scale your books like a madman with AMS ads and actually make a profit!

I'm only offering this service to 10 clients at this time due to the intense time involved.

For 100 files pay just $1.99 per conversion or for 200 files pay just $1.75 per conversion.

Note: 8.5x 11 files will require you to send us your covers AND your interiors in order to convert them. With 6x9 covers we will only need your covers as you can use the same interiors for hardcover on those.

After purchase email us your Google drive or Dropbox share link to: merchmoneymaster@gmail.com