Back2School KDP Kit

Back2School KDP Kit

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Back to School Low Content Book Kits...Get Ahead of the Competition Now...

 Back to school niches are selling already.

Jump ahead of other publishers by getting your books up now.

You deserve to be making more sales on KDP Print. 

Now here's your chance to step out from the masses with this custom KDP low content book kit.

What's Included?

  • 15 unique and custom low content interiors for back to school. Ex: handwriting practice, kids activity books, teacher themed etc.
  • 15 unique book covers
  • 15 listings written for you with winning keywords
  • Note: select the dropdown if you wish to have 30 or 15 unique books made instead

Samples of our back to school low content books for students and teachers...

Your Kit will be made to order from scratch.

No other publisher will have the same interiors, covers, or listings as you.

No worrying over having the same interior as other people on KDP.

For 15 books allow 7-9 business days.

For 30 or 50 books allow 10-14 business days.

KDP Kit Success Guarantee!

Make at least 5 sales from your kit within 45 days of uploading or we will re-design all new covers for you!

Grab your Back2School KDP Kit today.

NOTE: Kits will ONLY be sold until Sunday August 8th

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