KDP Ready2Rock Kit Coloring Books Addon

KDP Ready2Rock Kit Coloring Books Addon

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Who Else Wants Trending Coloring Book Kits for KDP Print?

You just grabbed the KDP Ready2Rock Kit right?

You now have the chance to get coloring book interiors with that Kit for a small upcharge.

With the crazy pandemic going on - coloring books are HOT sellers right now.

It's time to take advantage of that and grab some of the KDP sales pie for yourself!

NOTE: This addon replaces the normal 2 low content journal interiors and instead you'll get 2 coloring book interiors. (this does not give you extra interiors rather a coloring book niche instead of typical journal niche)

Note: if you bought a 50 covers or 100 covers KDP Ready2Rock Kit - please select the same option in the dropdown menu.

50 covers kit will get 4 coloring book interiors.

100 covers kit will get 8 coloring book interiors.

Depending on the niche selected the coloring books can be coloring, puzzle, or activity books.

This add-on is ONLY available if you purchased a KDP Ready2Rock Kit.

Note: must purchase the add-on within 48 hours of your order or we will process your Kit as normal. (I.e. no coloring books)