Influence & Profit Class

Influence & Profit Class

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How to Create A Prosperous Online Business That THRIVES in An Uncertain Economy!

Introducing the BLUEPRINT to Becoming an Online Influencer While Making a Profit!

Imagine this...

4-6 months from now you have built an online “tribe”. Followers who turn into paying customers. 

People who thank you daily for your valuable content and products.

People who gush how you helped change their life!

Not only do you have the satisfaction of helping others in a BIG way but you’re getting well paid for it too!

No more sleepless nights or stomach dropping peeks at the bank account...worrying about money.

You create your own income. And a good portion on autopilot too!

This Class is the blueprint and treasure map you need, to learn how to become an online Influencer.

In this limited availability interactive online class I'll show you how to:

✔️ Pick your WINNING MARKET that is highly passionate and eager to buy your products & services based on what you know already!

✔️ Use your awesome talents to create content people will like and share and it won't cost you a dime!

✔️ Effortlessly build your email list when you learn how to create a no-brainer free gift for your audience

✔️ Create, market, and sell your first product to your followers as easy as 1-2-3!

✔️ Learn email marketing strategies that get your emails opened & actually make you sales!

✔️ Get the success "jet-fuel" mindset you need to make a consistent income as an online influencer.

✔️ Make a sustainable living by creating value, content, and amazing products to your audience.

✔️ Kiss the day job goodbye forever!

Forget Job “security “.

Imagine a new source of income that you can control and how that could change the lives of you and your family...

Let me tell you my story around building a brand...

Several years ago I was burnt out, frustrated, AND depressed, with my checking account draining over previously failed internet businesses...

I felt like an "entrepreneur failure."

I was steadily building up a new income stream but it was taking a long time.

I was one step away from going back to a J.O.B.  😟

I decided one day to just get out of my own head, help somebody else out, and turned on a Facebook Live video giving tips to my friends and followers about how to do the internet business I was in (print on demand).

Little did I know this one act would set the stage for a whole new insanely profitable income stream!

You'll quickly learn just how I did that and how you can do the very same thing as you become a skilled Influencer.


Insane BONUS! $67/month value!

You'll be given access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can interact with other brand building entrepreneurs like yourself!

Plus you can ask me your questions right there in the group.

You might be thinking that there are already millions teaching in your niche.

That doesn't matter. There will be people that resonate with you and your unique personality. You are one-of-a kind!

Maybe you're worried that you don't know enough to teach somebody.

Something I learned while creating my own brand was...even if you're just 1-2 steps ahead of can teach them!

In fact --

you might be better able to guide someone being only 1-2 steps ahead versus someone trying to teach that's light years ahead of their student!

My students said:


Picture this.

You take action now and join this class.

In a few months from now you’re excitedly sharing with your friends and family about this new online business income you’ve created.

Easier than anything else you’ve ever tried your hand at online.

$297 Value class. Only $97!


You can keep struggling along doing what used to work but in this New Economy you’re going to have to take different action.

Doing what you’ve always done is going to kill your current business or prevent you from ever starting one. 

In a few months you can be rocking and rolling with your new online business bringing in actual profit that can far exceed the cost of this class. 

How good is this class, really?

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