KDP Ready2Rock Super Saver Kit

KDP Ready2Rock Super Saver Kit

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Who Else Wants Made-to-Sell Low Content and Coloring Books Done-For-You Without Lifting a Finger (except to upload)...?

I used to focus on using the same interior for multiple books.

But when I realized I wasn't getting my books into expanded distribution anymore I knew that I had to go the route of unique interiors for each book.

KDP is tightening the rules on being able to sell our books in expanded distribution markets (places like libraries, bookstores, wholesalers etc.)

I don't know about you but these sales were making up a GOOD chunk of my royalties!

If you want to take the high road of making a unique interior for every book read on...

Not only does having a unique interior get you into expanded distribution markets easily but you'll have the competitive edge over other publishers.

It will not be easy for them to copy your interiors when you have a different one in every book!

For the first time I have combined our 2 popular kits into the 

KDP Ready2Rock Super Saver Kit


 My Team and I will locate you WINNING niches for your bundle.

We will create your cover designs, provide you with ALL unique coloring book interiors and write your listings!

Plus you can sleep like a baby at night knowing we do a 2 step trademark check on all low content books!

No more scratching your head wondering why your low-content books aren't selling! We handle everything. All you have to do is upload your order items.

There are 2 parts to this bundle to help you CRUSH it on KDP:

Part 1: 10 Coloring books

  • 5 coloring books per niche (2 niches)
  • includes 10 8.5 x 11 coloring book covers 
  • 10 custom coloring book interiors that will not be sold to anyone else! 
  • 10 listings written for you (subtitles,  7 keywords, descriptions) 

Part 2: 10 Low Content books 

  • 5 low content books per niche (2 niches)
  • includes 10 6x9 low content book covers
  • 10 custom low content interiors that will not be sold to anyone else! 
  • 10 listings written for you (subtitles,  7 keywords, descriptions) 

Total of 20 books!

Normally these 2 Kits would be sold at $267 (low content) and $350 (coloring) for a total of $617.

With this Kit you won’t have to do anything but upload!

Our Kits have been successful for other low content publishers just like you...

    Robert B. said "I have been COMPLETELY satisfied with my purchase of four coloring book kits. It was an extremely user-friendly process to upload the books to Amazon. The first 3 Kits have resulted in 55 sales and I have just uploaded the 4th Kit. I am looking forward to Q4. Thanks Amy."



    More Samples from our Coloring Book Kits..

    KDP Ready2Rock Super Saver Bundle Success Guarantee! 

    If you don't make at least 1 sale from your KDP Ready2Rock Super Saver Kit within 45 days of uploading your Kit - my Team and I will redo your low content books or coloring books, your choice, free of charge!

    That's right - we will find you a new niche, design new covers and interiors as well as write new listings for your 10 low content books or 10 coloring books. 

    What do you have to lose?

    AND what if you gained valuable insight into your next most profitable niche??

    Picture yourself DOMINATING Amazon with your quality coloring books taking off. 🚀

    Scroll up and click 'I want this' to grab your KDP Ready2Rock Super Saver Kit: your "hassle-free" pass to low-content publishing!

    We will take the headache of publishing on KDP Print and give you a painless way to handle your KDP Print publishing business!

     How great would it feel to take a load off your shoulders with KDP Print publishing and let a competent Team with proven success do the work for you?


    If all this Kit did for you was show you winning niches you can continuously sell in, would it be worth it?

    If all this Super Saver Kit did for you was show you how to scale would it be worth it?

    If all this Super Saver Kit did for you was show you a clear and concise System for managing your KDP Print publishing business, would it be worth it?

    And lastly - if all this Kit did you was bring in a bunch more sales would it be worth it?

    ✅ You’ll have your custom made-from-scratch Kit sent to you in 8-10 business days and in the meantime you can focus on those million other things for print on demand 😉

    Will the KDP Ready2Rock Super Saver Kit work for you?

    With numerous success stories as shown above, you can safely assume that it will. And if you have any trouble making sales our KDP Bundle KitGuarantee will cover you! 


    You can go on doing things how you’ve always done them and eventually figure things out on your own. Maybe.

    But is it worth the wasted hours?

    Is it worth the waste of money spent on the wrong cover or interior designs?

    Is it worth getting burnt out and quitting this business because it takes sooo long to figure it out on your own?

    Why not invest in your low content publishing business now and save yourself all that loss of time and money?

    If this feels like a lot of money to invest up front consider this...

    You're only paying a mere $19.85 per book. 

    That's a FULL creation. Start to finish.

    • Meaning you don't have to research.
    • You don't have to agonize over which niches to do.
    • You don't have to design anything.
    • You don't have to keyword research or come up with snappy subtitles.

    It's all done-for-you. 

    At a mere $19.85 per book. 

    Scroll up and click "I Want This".

     Want to see samples of our work? Email me at merchmoneymaster@gmail.com