Summer 500 Research Goodie Bag

Summer 500 Research Goodie Bag

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Insane KDP Research At Your Fingertips...

Tired of feeling frustrated with low sales?

This digital product will be taken down Sun July 10th @8pm EDT

💥Get the winning products with a proven track record right in front of you!

Whopping 500 Hot & Trending Research examples for KDP Print. 

The Summer Special Research Goodie Bag makes it easy to 

a. see clearly what's selling on KDP

b. snag great ideas on winning niches for creating your own designs

c. grab suggested keywords and prices from the Research Goodie Bag

💥 500 example Blueprint.

💥 Take the research ideas quickly into the design process. Upload. Make more sales.

💥 Save wasted time and money researching and designing for the WRONG stuff.

💥 Grab this MASSIVE bundle with enough hot selling examples to keep you busy all summer long.

Jam Packed With 500 Researched Examples

- 500 HOT Seller Journal, Prompt Book, Activity Book etc. Examples

 500 Winning Products You Can Model - You can't lose!

 👉 Available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD. Your research will be immediately sent to your email after purchase.  

The file will include 500 URL examples plus suggested keywords to use, trademark check (on text of design only), and price range in the market sent in a csv file.

Note: Only limited copies will be sold of this research so make sure to grab your copy now.

👉 Feel free to email me at with any questions

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