Popsockets Research Goodie Bag

Popsockets Research Goodie Bag

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🔥HOT Trending Research for 250 POPSOCKETS!

Updated 7.24.19

👉 If you don’t have the time or are STRUGGLING with research and low sales - I can SAVE YOU THE TIME and help you to get MORE SALES with trending Popsocket research bundles.

How do I Use This Research?

1. Download your CSV file after purchase (will also be sent to your email) using Google Sheets or MS Excel

2. Look at the individual examples by URL. Decide which ones you'd like to make your own unique version of. The research tells you what people are buying so use it to your advantage.

3. Pass off to a designer, design service, or create your own

4. Upload your designs and refer again to the CSV file for suggested keywords and prices as you create your listing. 

5. Sit back and make sales!

👉 This bundle will include 250 Popsocket examples in various niches that are currently HOT AND TRENDING .

👉 Available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

HOWEVER - only a limited number (10) will be available for sale so make sure to grab yours TODAY.

👉 The file will include 25 URL examples, suggested keywords to use, trademark check (on text of design only), and price range in the market sent in a csv file.

👉 It is up to you to communicate with your designer in how you want to use the research to create unique ideas and designs.

👉 Feel free to message me on Facebook with any questions or email me at info@merchmoneymaster.com

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