Merch Monster Niche Guide

Merch Monster Niche Guide

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Feeling frustrated with Merch Sales?

šŸŽÆĀ Ā Not sure what niches to get into that you can actually make sales in??

TheĀ Merch Print MONSTER Niche Guide is here to help.

80 Hot Niche Leads to Give You TONS of Merch ideas!

Version 2 Released 7.17.19

I've been there before too -Ā wasting so much timeĀ testingĀ randomĀ niches.

I should have learned how to do research in the very beginning.Ā 

Having the data right in front of you ofĀ ļ»æwhat's selling right nowĀ ļ»æmakes such a difference in your Merch by Amazon sales.

Those with the most knowledge win.

šŸ‘‰ These niches have been carefully selected based on actualĀ shirtĀ sales data.

Immediate download access upon purchase. CSV file format that you can open in Google Sheets or Excel.Ā 

šŸ‘‰ Limited copies of this guide are for sale in order to keep the competition down.

Click 'I WANT THIS' to grab your very own KDP PrintĀ MONSTER Niche GuideĀ nowĀ before they sell out.

Normally 20 niches are priced at $15 each.

Ā 100 niches - this is a steal of a deal. Don't miss it. Grab your guide today.