ūüďö KDP Print 100 Ultimate Research Goodie Bag

ūüďö KDP Print 100 Ultimate Research Goodie Bag

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Make More Journal Sales NOW.

  • ¬†All New Research Released 11.1.19

Picture this...

Starting a brand new platform (KDP Print) and having no clue what the heck kind of journal will sell.


Grabbing this hot selling journal example bundle will get you started on the right path .

It's like having a success blueprint in front of you.

Have the trending journals, already researched, at your fingertips. Grab your copy now.

Are you struggling to find time for journal research?

  • The KDP Ultimate Research Goodie Bag¬†will help make it¬†simple.
  • 100 example Blueprint.¬†Just journals and notebooks.¬†
  • Available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD. Your research will be immediately sent to your email after purchase.¬†¬†

 Save wasted time and money researching and designing for the WRONG stuff.

 Individually purchased bundles would cost $60!  Save big and grab your copy. 

Also included, suggested keywords to use, trademark check (on text of design only), and price range in the market sent in a csv file.

ONLY a limited # of ultimate goodie bags will be sold so make sure to grab yours TODAY.

Feel free to message me on Facebook with any questions or email me at info@merchmoneymaster.com

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