KDP Ready2Rock Kit

KDP Ready2Rock Kit

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How to Light a Fire Under Your Low-Content Publishing Sales in - Even If You Don’t Know How to Pick a Winning Niche!

As you continue reading you'll discover why this Kit is a must-have for sales boosting your low content book publishing in just 1 hour a week...


No more scratching your head wondering why your journals aren't selling!

Imagine all your low content book publishing work done-4-you!

All you have to do is upload your order items! (Uploads taking just 1 hour a week)

 My name is Amy Nicholas and I remember the fear, worry, and doubt going through my head as I paid for more designs, more research, more virtual assistants for journal publishing.

Wondering if this was going to pay off.

I’d been doing print on demand for a year and a half with mediocre results.

A friend told me about publishing journals and notebooks on KDP. I started making sales right away and I was hooked!

But after awhile I hit a plateau.

After what seemed like centuries later I finally cracked the code" and figured out how to properly set up systems for research, give feedback to my designers (that they actually listened to!) and learn how to really "scale a winning niche".

You don't have to go through the sleepless nights, the gut-wrenching worry, and wonder if it's all going to work out like I did... 😟

Why try the KDP Ready2Rock Kit?

  • Save time over doing all this work yourself 
  • Peace of mind: we will pick a winning niche for you!
  • Headache-free system (you just have to upload- that’s it!)
  • You’ll easily scale your publishing business when you start adding 25+ books into a niche
  • Less time spent at the computer means more time to enjoy the fun hobbies you really want to do.
  • Easily stand out in the crowded marketplace with your custom made low-content interiors.
  • No more second-guessing your keyword research!
  • Gain priceless insight into a winning low content book publishing system. 

💡Imagine the 15+ hours per week you’ll save when you no longer have to:

- research a niche

- find design ideas

- create the covers

- create and design interiors

- write out your keywords and listings!

At an affordable price the KDP Ready2Rock Kit beats dealing with the frustrations of...training your own designers and assistants, managing people, or dealing with crappy, possibly trademarked designs from Fiverr.

 ✅ includes 25 6x9 journal covers in one winning niche (Value $200)

 ✅ 2 custom low-content journal interiors that will not be sold to anyone else) (Value $40)

 ✅ 25 listings written for you (subtitles,  7 keywords, descriptions) (Value $45)

With this Kit you won’t have to do anything but upload!

Kits are created on demand from scratch for each order.

Nothing in your Kit will be re-sold to anyone else. EVER.

Value $285 Only $199!

For less than the price of a lunch- just $6.63 a day you could be scaling your low content publishing empire. FAST.

We will take away the headache of low-content book publishing and give you a simple way to handle your KDP Print journal business!

Why Buy Now?

Back to School sales are already happening. Capture this market fast.

Q4 is just around the corner and if you’re unable to continuously and consistently upload new low content books you will miss out on those extra Q4 sales!

This Kit now includes a 7 Step Action Guide to Low Content Publishing Success! 

+$197 Value Bonus just added!

Get 100% FREE access to my Mini Q4 Mindset Mastery Course when you purchase a KDP Ready2Rock Kit. This bonus will prep you mentally and strategically for a prosperous Q4. Ca-ching!

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Orders are limited due to the fact each one is created from scratch and made to order.

Are you going to be ready to cash in for Q4 with low content books?

Or are you going to be in the same place as last year aka falling behind wishing you had a better game plan of winning low-content books in place?

25 Covers Kit: incl. 2 custom low content interiors (10-12 business days)

50 Covers Kit: incl. 4 custom low content interiors (12-14 business days)

Save $31 versus buying 2 individual Kits

100 Covers Kit: get 8 custom low content interiors (14-17 business days)

Save $100 versus buying 4 individual Kits

Picture yourself DOMINATING your next winning niche we select for you.

Want to see samples of our Kits? Email me at merchmoneymaster@gmail.com

 KDP Kit Success Guarantee! 

If you don't make at least 1 sale from your KDP Ready2Rock Kit within 45 days of uploading your Kit - my Team and I will rewrite all of your listings for you!

That's right - we will rewrite your 7 keywords and descriptions for all of your low-content books in your Kit.

Scroll up and click 'I want this' to grab your KDP Ready2Rock Kit: your "hassle-free" pass to low-content publishing!

Bonus! From Aug 10th - 31st order a KDP Ready2Rock Kit and get an extra interior - free! Normally includes two low content book interiors. With the bonus offer it will be three.

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