Merch or KDP Design Critique Video

Merch or KDP Design Critique Video

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💻 Merch Design Critique Video

Struggling With Merch by Amazon?

*NOTE: now available to do KDP Print listing critiques as well!

Not sure if your designs are terrible, your title is awful, or your whole listing is poorly optimized?

How would you like personalized advice from a 6k tier seller who's been on Merch by Amazon for 2 years? Been through the swamps, been through the struggle, made it through the ups and downs of Merch by Amazon, came out on top AND making a PROFIT! 

Now you can too!

Why is this helpful to pay for a design critique video?

👉 Because even ONE TIP given can help you make changes to your Merch by Amazon business in such a way to dramatically increase your Q4 results fast.

👉 Because it's a lot cheaper than paying someone for 1-1 coaching to look over your listings. Most top sellers won't give any advice in terms of looking at your listing itself and giving feedback unless you're paying good money for their time.

What do I get with my design critique video?

👉 IMPORTANT: You must email me a spreadsheet of 25 URLs to your listings and I’ll create a personal video (shared ONLY with you) talking about each listing and advising what to improve upon


👉 I'll look over and comment on your design, fonts, colors, the niche itself, and the keyword optimization of your listing to help you get SALES.

👉 Videos tend to be 25-35 mins in length.

Grab your personalized Merch by Amazon design critique video today. Videos are sent via a google drive link so you can download whenever you like. 

Please allow 1-2 business days for your video to be completed.

😃  HAPPY CUSTOMERS Share Their Experiences Below!  

Beng Keat Eu - Australia [ KDP critique]