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KDP Breakthrough Kit

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How To Breakthrough Sluggish Low Content Book Sales, Without Breaking the Bank...

You'd love to be able to add 100 new books to your account in a quick timeframe, right?

You just don't feel like spending a fortune on it.

Introducing the KDP Breakthrough Kit.

Note: only 7 kits are available. 

Designed for the budget-friendly publisher.

As you continue reading you'll discover why this Kit is the perfect solution for those who want new books and don't mind sharing interiors with a handful of other publishers.

A perfect solution for newbie or overworked publishers.

No more scratching your head wondering why your books aren't selling!

Imagine all your low content book publishing work done-4-you!

What's Included?

✅ includes 100 eye-popping 6x9 low content covers across 10 winning niches.  these covers will be unique and sold only to you (Value $1000)

✅ 10 custom low-content interiors that will be shared with a maximum of 10 other publishers. You will get the editing files so you can make them unique on your own! (Value $250)

✅ 100 listings written for you so that you can just easily copy and paste when you upload. Includes subtitles,  7 keywords, and descriptions (Value $200)

Pay Only $7.67 per book.

TOTAL VALUE $1450! Your Launch price only $767

Get the most bang for your buck with this bulk size kit.

Where else can you get this kind of pricing?

Maybe Fiverr. But, do they do the research for you? Do they write your listing?

Do you have an accompanying interior you can use with the cover?


Did You Know That Consistent Uploading Is One of The SECRET Keys to KDP Success?

The problem is...most publishers can't keep up with the workload demands of running a full-time KDP account on their own.

Researching niches. Picking keywords. Designing book covers. Designing quality interiors. Then the actual uploading. AMS ads...the list goes on.

How Does This Work Exactly?

  • You'll receive 40-50 books per week. (allow 7 business days for your first batch) 
  • approximately 14-18 days to get all 100 books delivered to your inbox.
  • My Team and I provide you with EVERYTHING you need to upload your KDP Breakthrough Kit
  • Your files will be emailed to your inbox
  • Simple and easy to download.
  • From there you just copy and paste when you upload into KDP Print; that's it!


Why try the KDP Breakthrough Kit?

  • Get books done-for-you without the hassle of finding new niches
  • Save yourself an enormous amount of time (somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 hours!) over doing all this work yourself 
  • Have full editing control of the shared interiors you'll receive so you can customize them however you like!
  • Headache-free system (you just have to upload- that’s it!)
  • scale your publishing business fast with 100 new books in your account
  • No more agonizing, hair-pulling, and second-guessing your keyword research!
  • Gain priceless insight into a winning low content book publishing system. It has worked for many other publishers. 

  • Best of all -  you can sleep like a baby at night knowing we do a 3 step trademark check on all low content books!
  • Your Kit book covers are 100% unique, made from scratch, sold ONLY to YOU. The interiors are shared amongst 10 publishers maximum. Adding your own publishing name inside is encouraged.

💡Imagine the 50+ hours per week you’ll save when you no longer have to:

- research a niche

- find design ideas

- create the covers

- create and design interiors

- write out your keywords and listings!

Kits are created on demand for each order.

All keywords and titles are trademark checked.


See what other publishers like you are saying...

 - Abu Riyan

Just want to say thank you for this magnificent result from the Q4 Kit. I got 3 sales in total in a matter of 2 days after published, not to mention one of them was from the UK. That's marvelous!  - Lucia Au




Orders are limited due to the fact each one is created from scratch and made to order.


 KDP Kit Success Guarantee! 

If you don't make at least 20 sales from your KDP Breakthrough Kit within 60 days of uploading your entire Kit - my Team and I will redo 20 book covers for you free of charge!  


What do you have to lose?

Are you going to be ready to cash in for Q4 with low content books?

Or are you going to be in the same place as last year aka falling behind wishing you had a better game plan of winning low-content books in place?

For less than the price of a lunch- just $7.67 per book you could be scaling your low content publishing empire. FAST.

And create assets that you can sell for a lifetime!

How great would it feel to take a load off your shoulders with KDP Print publishing and let a competent Team with proven success do the work for you?

Will the KDP Breakthrough Kit work for you?

With numerous success stories as shown above, you can safely assume that it will. And if you have any trouble making sales our KDP Kit Success Guarantee will cover you! 👍🏻

But you won’t experience any success at all with a Kit unless you take action NOW and click “I Want This” above.

Scroll up and click “I Want This” to get your "breakthrough" on KDP!

Remember, your covers will be unique. Your listings will be unique.

The only thing that is shared is the interiors. And only to a maximum of 10 other publishers.

This is the perfect Kit for you if you want a LOT of books, want them fast, and don't want to pay a ton of cash to get them!

NOTE: Books will come in 6x9 but if you prefer 8.5x11 just email us after purchase at merchmoneymaster@gmail.com

DISCLAIMER: Amy Nicholas, MerchMoneyMaster. Com or the MerchMoneyMaster Team will not be held responsible for Amazon account violations, suspensions, or termination. Do your due diligence and read up on the KDP Terms of Service.